Triad Polymers Releases Triuvant® UV Stabilizers

Triad Polymers Releases Triuvant® UV Stabilizers

Triad Polymers is pleased to announce the release of Triuvant®, its proprietary UV stabilizer masterbatch for polymer applications.

Triuvant® is suitable for use in a variety of consumer applications including outdoor furniture, beach accessories, cladding and decking, industrial fabrics, marine equipment, sporting goods, apparel, car interiors and much more. Triuvant® is easily compounded into masterbatch for filament fibers, including PET and nylon, offering a superb alternative to acrylic-based outdoor furniture upholstery.

Triuvant® UV stabilizers are available in custom blends to fit your particular application. Additionally, we provide the below products geared towards specific uses:

Triuvant® Ultra – best for injection molded or extruded film applications. Intended to increase longevity and prevent brittleness and cracking.

Triuvant® Sustain – designed for use in recycled plastic applications. Formulated to work best with reclaimed polyester either from post-consumer or post-industrial waste-streams.

Triuvant® Brilliance – intended for use in a variety of textile applications where it is important that colors stay vibrant and do not fade over time.

For more information, please visit Technical data sheets and information on custom compounding for Triuvant® can be requested at

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